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Come into the Tipi

I just added a link to the website of Jodi and Richard Creager. Be sure and visit their galleries to see their phenomenal art work. Jodi and Richard are two wonderful people that I've been privileged  to meet, and come to know.

They have recently become the proud owners of a genuine Tipi.


Tipis are made with an outer cover, and an inner liner. Originally these were made from sewn up buffalo hides. The average tipi would take 15 hides. In the late 1800's, with the whites moving out west, they discovered canvas and started using that as it was easier to get.

Come, lets check out the inside of the tipi

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Snacks for the meeting

I need something to munch on during our monthly staff meeting. Not that they are ever boring and I need something to help keep me awake. I make sure to take enough to share :-) The pulpa and clementines were a big hit.


Oh...and this is what I see from my window at work. 


Pretty soon, fruit. I don't know if it's ornamental or edible, but I haven't seen anyone that's eaten any of the fruit get sick yet. I think it is some kind of plum.

Parsley Salad

Tomorrow we are going to my sister's for Easter dinner.
I'm taking the Goat Cheese Torte and a nice salad. I put candied walnuts and fresh blueberries and raspberries in the salad and dress it with my homemade balsamic vinaigrette. I'm always asked to bring the torte and the salad, so this time thought I'd bring along something different also. I'm bringing a Parsley Salad. I love this salad and make it all the time for myself. It's mainly an appetizer that I eat on crackers or baguettes, it's hard to stop eating.

I had to hurry up get it in the fridge before I ate it all doing quality control.


Come see how I made it.

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Mac and Cheese

I've tried several recipes for mac and cheese. Creamy and a lot of cheese sauce was important to me. A lot of sauce is reminiscent of the Kraft macaroni and cheese I ate as a child. I still can see the neon cheese sauce coating the macaroni and pooling on my childhood plate.
It's taken me a while, but I realize that creaminess, especially where mac and cheese is concerned, is not an abundance of sauce, but a certain "mouth feel". This recipe is creamy and rich and not over sauced.
Here's what I did to make my favorite so far, mac and cheese.


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Happy Birthday Cindy

Dare I let everyone know it's the big 6 OH for Cindy. Dang, it doesn't seem that long ago we were on the back of our husband's Harleys riding through the the breathtaking mountains of South Dakota during Sturgis week . Oh the sights we saw and the fun we had. Sorry, I digress, that story is for another time.

Family and friends gathered from far and near to ready the party for the huge success it was.


The party was a surprise, and she was totally overwhelmed. Some friends drove for hours to surprise her. 


The grill Queen and King, they grilled pounds of tri-tip for the party.


I heard raves about the chicken that was also served but I just couldn't quit eating the tri-tip.

I brought a Goat Cheese Torte, an appetizer that I'm usually requested to bring to parties and family gatherings. No photo but follow the link.

I also made a Malaysian pineapple and jicama salad called Rojak which means mixed up in Malay. It is a popular street snack there. I'll put the recipe in the recipe spot along with more photos. It is really delicious with a sweet salty dressing.


Someone brought the ever popular Pizza Pasta Salad. It's been so long since I've made one I was happy to see it. I'll sure make it more often this summer.


There was plenty to eat and I had more than my fair share of tri tip and beans. I also enjoyed the green jello salad with the cottage cheese in it. It's been years, and I mean years since I've eaten that and it was deeeelicious. I also had some good ol' homemade potato salad and a very refreshing tomato cucumber salad that was dressed with ranch dressing.


Cindy's daughter Lisa made her cake. Lisa the wonder woman with 6 children, the youngest being 4 mos old. The cake matched the napkins and plates.

The most delicious spice carrot cake ever.


One of the highlights of my trip to Cindy's birthday was getting to meet someone who's name I know very well but had never met. I hope his ear has stopped ringing from my screaming "I know you" in it while I was hugging him when I found out who he was. A little hint, mmmm it's time for chow.


It was a great party for a wonderful woman. I'm tempted to, but I'm not going to get all sappy. I wish everyone could be as blessed as I am to have a friend like Cindy.

Happy Birthday Girl.


Dang, so far behind

I can't believe I'm so far behind with what I've been wanting to post. I've been at a dead run for the past few weeks and haven't had the time to compose a half way decent post. I know, why start now.

There were two birthday parties, and a few more fun foodie things I've been doing that I'd like to share.

I'm organizing pictures and compiling recipes so stay tuned.