Made Pizza today
Fluffy Mashed (pounced) Potatoes

Trader Joe's Starter Sauce

I don't know if this has been a standard item with them and I've only just discovered it or what, but am I glad I saw it and decided to get some. Not only that, I was smart enough to buy two.
It comes in a handy little box that tears open, how great is that!!!


I used it today for the first time when I made pizza. For my taste it needs no doctoring up for pizza.
According to the box it's chopped Italian tomatoes, fresh garlic, fresh onion and olive oil.
They say it's "ready to be doctored. Use it as a base for your own custom pasta sauce, pizza sauce, or even for your own family salsa recipe"
It's nice and chunky, a perfect blending of the ingredients. It's really tasty and not in the least tomato-y or acidic.


This will be a staple in my kitchen.