Fluffy Mashed (pounced) Potatoes
From Fabulous to Liars, what a day!

Potato Patties from Pounced Potatoes

I decided to make some potato patties from the pounced potato experiment. Since there was a lot of discussion on the newsgroup about whisks and their functions I decided to use the whisk shaped like a tornado to whip up two eggs. I pounced (here I go again ;-) the whisk up and down on the eggs. Dang, this is a neat way to whip up eggs, the eggs were beat nice and neat in no time.


I mixed the eggs with the potatoes before I realized I hadn't added any milk or butter to the potatoes yet, drat. I was tempted to toss the whole thing but I thought what the heck, I'll only be out a little butter if I decide to cook a couple and see how they turn out. They turned out pretty good, a little on the dry side but nothing that a good ol' blob of butter on top wouldn't cure. I topped them with a little prosciutto and some grated Parmesan cheese.


The pounced potatoes are still nice and fluffy.


With the extra patties I can have a quick and easy breakfast. Just a little zap in the microwave in the morning and I'll have a nice breakfast. Wait, I could also top one with an over easy egg yeah!!! then top with the prosciutto and cheese. Yes!!!