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New Years Day

Hot Chocolate Anyone?

While I was in Lake Havasu City AZ, daughter and I stopped by the new Mexican market, La Carcineria on Lake Havasu Ave.

I found the perfect thing for hot chocolate loving BJ. I learned from him it's especially good with a shot of Tequila Rose, mmmmm.

Hot Chocolate Kit.


The Mexican style chocolate contains sugar and cinnamon. One of the triangles in a cup of coffee is heavenly.


Twirl the molinillo between the palms of your hands to froth the chocolate.


The recipe is  4 cups of skim milk and 1 tablet of chocolate in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Now here's where the molinillo comes in. Mix constantly with molinillo, or a wire whisk which is not as much fun, until mixture is frothy and starts to boil.

We spent too much time and almost too much money. We really zeroed in on the Mexican candy.



It was close but I got out with some candy for myself.