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Christmas Part Two

Christmas Part One

I thought I'd better get posting before the days start running into each other. I'm spending Christmas with Daughter Erika and family in Lake Havasu AZ.

On the trip over I pass the windmills by the Golden Acorn Casino. Don't know why but they fascinate me.


I arrived Friday afternoon after a very blustery drive. I brought some grocery items over with me since I'm in charge of Christmas day dinner. I packaged up some herbs on Dec 12th using my handy dandy Reynolds Handi-Vac. I must say, it really is handy and I'm using it with all I can. I brought one for Erika. My grandsons use it also, on them selves. They think sucking their faces with it is hysterical. Anyway, I digress.

These are the herbs I stored using the handy dandy Handi-Vac on the 12th. It is now the 23rd, they are still great and I will be able to use them for Christmas dinner. I love my gadgets.


After I unpacked my car, and the ice chest, we visited for a little while. Erika and husband BJ had a little secret shopping to do that night so my grandsons and I chilled out and ate pizza and anti pasta salad from a local brewery-restaurant Mudsharks.

I'll have to go try their beer before I leave. It's got to be better than their pizza and salad. The pizza was a limp greasy mess but the salad was acceptable. I don't think I'm hard to please and I don't expect much from places that will deliver to your home, the convenience alone is worth something, but mercy sakes.


Half cheese, half pepperoni. The delivery man was very nice and polite, most places should have employees like him.


Soggy, greasy slice. I love a bunch of fat on dough as much as the next guy, but having the fat soak into the crust and make it limp is a little much, even for me.


The salad was a generous serving considering it was a half order. It was chock full of meats and cheeses.


I ate two big servings. I think I've had my pizza fix for a while.