Christmas Part Two
Christmas Part four. Final Christmas post :-)

Christmas Part Three

'Twas the day before Christmas and all through the town, we were busy scurrying around.

When we finally got back home BJ had the boys surviving in wilderness of the back yard. They were to survive by not going back into the house for anything and had built a fire outside to keep warm. Jeremy was in charge of shaving off pieces of kindling from a scrap piece of 2X4. They were so proud of themselves.
Mom went out and warmed herself by the fire.


Then it was time to start more cookie baking. While we were out running some last minute errands, BJ and the boys were nice enough to make the sugar dough so it would be ready for the last batch of cookies.


Busy little hands.


Ready to bake.


One of the treats I made while I was there, was from a recipe I got from my friend Barb Schaller. I met her through the cooking newsgroup She makes the best little morsels called Turtle Bites. The next three are her photos and instructions.

Take HanoverĀ® Butter Snaps Pretzel squares and top each one with a Rolo candy.


They are then placed in a 350*F oven for 3 minutes, then remove from the oven.


And a pecan is placed on top and gently pushed into the candy.


Remember those photos, that's how they are supposed to look. Wellll..... we couldn't use nuts as Jarod is allergic so we put waxed paper on our fingers and gently pushed down on the candy.
We got what we thought looked like Reindeer poop, with the pretzel representing the ground.
If you could get past the poop thing they tasted pretty good


Christmas Eve festivities keep reading

Best friends Kimberly, Ryan and girls come over on Christmas Eve for a casual meal and gift exchange.



Every year Erika buys herself a Chia Pet. It's become a tradition that she buys herself one because we won't. What are best friends for but to feed your whimsies.


This Chia Pet came with a Chia Pet watch. Dang..... what more could you want?


Kimberly got a George Foreman Grill. mmmm lots of yummy food for the family.


The dads kept track of where Santa was on Google Earth.


Mom's fixed snacks,


and finished cookies.


No snow in Lake Havasu AZ so the poor kids have to make floor tile angels.


So, the kids all sugared up and excited from running around and playing. Good luck moms and dads on  getting them to bed so Santa can come.