Christmas Part Three
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Christmas Part four. Final Christmas post :-)

As suspected the boys had a hard time settling down to sleep so Santa could come. They finally got to sleep about 11:30.

They must have heard the Reindeer hoofs on the roof because they were up at 12:40 and saw that Santa had come.


They were allowed to open the gifts from Santa but needed to wait until morning to open the rest. They were too excited to go back to sleep so Erika and BJ put blankets and pillows on the couches for them, and they went back to sleep in the living room.

One of the things they asked for were watches.


Jarod gave mom her gift that he wrapped himself


Dad scored also.


I thought I raised her better, but she hinted she wanted a Floor Mate.


Keep reading to see a little of what we ate Christmas day

My main goal for Christmas day was for Erika and BJ to have nothing to do but spend time with the boys and their new toys.
I did all the cooking that day, oh, big sacrifice huh!!! ;-)
We started the day with pancakes made from scratch. The boys were impressed.


I like mine with an egg on top, over easy please.


I made a double batch so we could play some more with the Reynolds Handi-Vac and put some away in the freezer for busy work and school day breakfasts.



Baked some potatoes so we could have twice baked potatoes with dinner


Topped a rib roast with a mixture of garlic, rosemary and thyme.


Started out at 500* for about 10 minutes then roasted at 325 until med rare.


I prefer rare but Erika isn't into meat blood on her plate. It was still very good.


Asparagus was tossed with olive oil and salt and broiled.


Can't have rib roast without Yorkshire Pudding. Batter hitting the hot fat.


Puffed up nice in oven. I usually make it in a muffin pan. I was disappointed making it in a cake pan, it went very flat, very fast. I'll stay with the muffin pan next time


Lets get the plates ready.


It was the best Christmas Day. We stayed in our jammies and just kicked back all day.

Merry Christmas