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We are all too excited to sleep tonight because we know Santa's on his way. We've been tracking him through Google Earth. The boys have been in bed, not asleep, well one is anyway. Earlier today Jeremy assisted me in making the rolls for tomorrow's Christmas dinner. It's a recipe that I gleaned off the food newsgroup This recipe has never failed me.
The yeast proofing.


Mix up sugar, salt, butter, the yeast and a beaten egg that I neglected to make sure was in this shot.


Add 3 cups of flour.


This is a sticky dough and needs to be kneaded for 10 minutes, that's where child labor ahem... I mean a sous chef comes in handy.


Place in a large buttered bowl and set aside to rise. I'm so mad at myself for punching it down before I got a picture of it risen, it looked so good.


Have your sous chef help you divide the dough into approx 24 rolls and set aside to rise again.


This time I got the shot of them risen.


Baking away at 400* F


Stick some butter on them, they are so done.


Can't wait for dinner tomorrow