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Bamboo Cutting Board

I took some of my kitchen equipment with me when I visited my daughter over Christmas. One of them was my good and heavy large cutting board. I use it every day over the kitchen sink for more counter space. I was miles from her house when I realized I left it behind, that and an inexpensive set of ceramic knives. Drat!!!!!

I stopped by Linens and Things in Yuma to pick up the knives. They also had some nice looking bamboo cutting boards but they didn't have the size I needed, so I waited to get back to San Diego to get one. I really like it. So far I've only chopped up some vegetables for the vegetable soup I'm making tonight. Got it's first scars :-( It's beautiful, environmentally friendly and light weight. I think I'll go pick up a smaller one also.


The grain on it is just beautiful.