Christmas Part four. Final Christmas post :-)
Bamboo Cutting Board

Back to Jasmine Bistro

We had lunch at Jasmine Bistro again. I had some Maguro and Unagi, sorry, I didn't get a photo of them. I was trying to get over the surprise of being served by the owner Dr Chan himself. I remember meeting him a few years ago, I'm sure he was being kind when he said he remembered me also.

He asked to take our picture because he's starting a "Who's Who" wall in the restaurant. We aren't "Who's Who's" we are "Who's That's" but we are honored to be one of the firsts to go up on the wall.

This of course gave me the opportunity to ask for his picture also. Never miss a photo opportunity.


I had the Honey Garlic BBQ Spareribs. They are oven roasted and drizzled with an awesome fusion bbq sauce. Dr Chan told me that was one of two dishes on the menu that is one of his personal recipes.


Stan had the Thai Steak. There is a photo of that in the previous post on Jasmine Bistro.

The finger bowl has Jasmine tea and lemon in it. It not only cleans your fingers but takes away any odors.

Class act, no little wipes here.


Thanks for another great meal, we'll be back soon.