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Christmas Part One

Back Among the Living

from a terrible cold that hit me like a Mac Truck. I was out like a light for three days then drug myself back to work. My energy level went through the basement and I've only had the energy to do the things I absolutely have to do, not what I love to do, like blogging.

I'm on the upward swing now, but Stan came down with my cold a few days ago. I don't know how he got it because it's still hanging out a little with me. Anyway, we are very fortunate that we've already had our flu shots. If we hadn't we're convinced we would have ended up in the hospital with this.

Stan stocked up on some soups for me. He bought some of Von's Signature Cafe soups. I wasn't very lucid for a few days but I do remember they were either too salty or to tomato-y. Looking back I think some good ol' canned Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup would have made me feel better, even if only from the childhood comfort food level.

I guess I wasn't too sick to take a picture of the Minestrone soup. It looked better than it tasted.


This is the Baked Potato with Bacon soup I heated up for Stan today. This one is our favorite. Heck, what's not to like, you can't go wrong with fat and potatoes.


I hope he gets better soon. I think I'm a better patient than he is  ;-)