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Todai for lunch

Today's plans were originally for Stan, daughter Vicky and I to go to Alex's Brown Bag for Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches. This will be my second place to visit in my quest for a really good Philly Cheesesteak in San Diego. I didn't know that they are closed on weekends so daughter Vicky and I decided we wanted to go to Todai instead. Stan is not a big fan of Asian food so he begged off, but he will be going with me to Alex's on Monday.
Vicky has never been to Todai, I think everyone should experience it at least once. We started on the salad sushi side and worked our way back to the dessert buffet. I had some sushi, a green tea noodle salad that was made with some spinach and radicchio, it was fabulous. I also had the green bean salad which is one of my favorites. I tried a tofu salad, even though I like tofu it was not something I'd do again. It  was topped with what tasted like some kind of dried shredded fish, I wish I knew what it was, I really liked it.


I didn't take good notes today so I'm not sure what sushi is what. I do know it was all delicious and fresh.


I then had some miso soup, two different types of delicious shrimp, tempura vegetables that were not overcooked, they still had a bite to them. The spicy fried calamari could have been a little spicier and the squid rings were very good but bordered on a little chewy. Ah, BBQ rib was juicy and tender and the BBQ sauce was not too sweet. I also had a green mussel topped with a light cheese sauce, delicious.


Thankfully they serve delectable little bites of desserts, that way  you can have a nice variety of treats.


We decided we prefer sitting at a sushi bar for our sushi, but we enjoyed our meal immensely. I'll be more diligent next time with my food notes so I can give a better description of the flavors, but it all was delicious, and you can't beat that.