Getting back to "normal"
Greek Grill Lake Havasu AZ

Chili's Lake Havasu AZ

I'm in Lake Havasu AZ visiting daughter Erika and her family for Erika's birthday.


Her boss Jeff (at end of table)took us all out to Chili's for her birthday.



I had the Southwest cedar plank talapia. According to the menu it's "A seasoned tilapia fillet topped w/chimichurri (cilantro, garlic & lime) sauce & pico de gallo. Cooked and served on a cedar plank w/seasonal veggies and rice." I ordered the sauce and pico de gallo on the side.


The veggies were barely warm and a little overcooked but the chimichurri sauce was delicious. I almost didn't order the fish because I was afraid it would be overcooked but it wasn't. It was quite tasty.
Jeff ordered their Chilis Philly Cheesesteak according to the menu, "our seasoned, sliced steak is grilled w/onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and smothered in melted provolone cheese." Jeff ordered it without the mushrooms. He specifically told the waitress that he absolutely did not want mushrooms on his sandwich, he told her that he's ordered that sandwich three times and every time he still gets mushrooms on it. Well it came with the mushrooms on it for the fourth time. He disgustedly started picking the mushrooms off his sandwich. I brought it to the attention of the waitress to which her reply was, "yeah, I noticed that when I picked it up" but she served it anyway, go figure.

I'm of the contention that most chain restaurants receive most of their food prepackaged, pre-sliced, all ingredients in one package that only needs to be heated up and served. Jeff considers Red Lobster and Outback Steakhouse type chains to be up-scale restaurants which opened up another whole discussion.

I ate, I was happy. I was with my daughters and friends and a good time was had by all.