Parsian International Market and Grill
Daiso Marukai San Diego

Phuong Trang

I have been hungry for Pho for the longest time and today I finally got some. Daughter Vicky and I went to Phuong Trang. It was recommended to us by a Vietnamese couple we sat next to at Sushi Time. We went back to Sushi Time again.
Vicky has never had Vietnamese food so I introduced her to Pho and fresh spring rolls. The Vietnamese woman I used to work with calls them summer rolls, whatever, they are delicious. I was so excited to be there that I forgot to take a picture of the restaurant, oh well, the food is more important.
They were very fresh and of course perfectly rolled. I think mine are as tasty, just a little more "rustic"
Vicky liked the fresh spring rolls so much that when we went to Ranch 99 Market she bought the ingredients for making them.


Inside the fresh spring roll


We had the Pho with rare steak and well done brisket. I didn't write down the Vietnamese name :-( We wanted to share the Pho and they were very accommodating and brought out two bowls, spoons and chopsticks and a ladle.
I thought they were a little light on the herbs for the Pho. In the past at other restaurants, I've had more greens than just basil and bean sprouts. It was delicious and I slurped it right down. The spoon never left my left hand, nor my chopsticks my right. The broth was not greasy and the meats were tender.


Phuong Trang
4170 Convoy
San Diego CA

When we left the restaurant we saw down in the next block an interesting place Parsian International Market and Grill. Off to another new experience.