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Trumpet Royale Mushrooms

One of my finds at Costco yesterday was a carton of Trumpet Royale Mushrooms. I've never seen these before so I had to get some. I like trying new things. According to the label they are "firm, porchini-like texture. Mild savory flavor. Excellent simply cut in half, tossed with olive oil and garlic then grilled or roasted."


One of the participants on suggested putting them in a soft scramble. mmm that sounded like a great idea, especially since I hadn't eaten breakfast yet. I sliced some in half lengthwise.
How's that for a meaty looking mushroom.See how the texture is the same the length of the mushroom.
They have the same texture cap to stem.


I cut them up some more and sautéed in some butter with a little freshly ground black pepper.


I took a taste of the mushrooms to see what they tasted like, so I could determine which cheese would go good with them in the eggs. I decided on Manchego.
Cooked up and topped with cheese.


Plated the scramble and dusted with some freshly ground grey salt and served with a hot flour tortilla. mmmmm


I like these very much. They have a meaty texture and a mild clean mushroom flavor. I don't think I'd go with a cheese any stronger than the Manchego with them, they could be overpowered easily. At first I thought I'd sauté them and top a grilled steak with them but they are too meaty for that. My thought is that they would be a good meat substitute.
Now I wish I would have bought more.