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Foodie Road Trip Part Six

Sixth installment on Foodie Road Trip see Foodie Road Trip part Five.

Sunday was the big cookin’ day. The reason we made the trip. We started congregating at Christine’s in the afternoon. We walked in the house, into a hubbub of activity. Megan was starting her world famous Buffalo curry. She says when she makes it she gets at least two marriage proposals and no leftovers.


Edrena was helping me with the figs while Megan’s parents, Chuckie and Jamie, were sampling the cheese tray.Among other cheese's was Christine’s homemade pimento cheese and Manchego cheese with Quince paste on crackers.


 Megan's finished curry.


Toppings for the curry were, coconut pineapple, basil, slivered almonds, basil, and a few others I forgot. :-(


Christine taught Megan how to make rice without using a rice cooker, she did a beautiful job.


Christine started her marinated chicken paella.


That’s one nice thing about cookin’s, not everything hits the table at once. Everyone takes their turn in the kitchen so there is a steady progression of food throughout the day.

The guys showed up and started their chocolate mousse. 


Well Rich did, Drew and Jeff were working their way through the food that was already out.


Christine's chicken faux gras. A chicken based pate.


My dates stuffed with chorizo wrapped in bacon.


Figs topped with Gorgonzola cheese drizzled with Citrine honey.


Edrina is the pickling queen, here are some of her creations.


Here's a run down of what was served. I thought I got photos of it all I guess I didn't. When I get some photos from the other's I'll edit this post and add them.

Edrena brought her Bread and Butter pickles that have a great zing to them. Nice and spicy. Also she brought Garlic Basil pickles. These are my favorite.


She also brought bluebarb jam, nectarine jam, blackberry jam, habanero pique, fancy cut pickled beets with red wine, pickled cauliflower with red peppers, pickled asparagus, pickled peaches, pickled okra with Texas honey. Commercial green olives stuffed with lemon, black Spanish olives and pickled walnuts.


Christine made chicken faux gras, upside down tomato tart, pimento cheese, Aztec chocolate ice cream and marinated chicken paella.   
Chuckie, Megan's mom made Scottish shortbread 

I made chorizo filled dates wrapped in bacon, goat cheese torte, figs filled with gorgonzola cheese
drizzled with citrine honey, I brought the fixin's for a herb salad with feta cheese, sprinkled with a mix of pine nuts, pepits and almonds and kalamata olive with homemade balsamic vinaigrette, but we didn't get to that or the rack of lamb, that'll go into Christine's freezer. There was just too much food. 

Patricia Hill brought blueberry cherry pie. 

Rich, Drew and Jeff contributed chocolate mousse and some barbershop singing. They didn't have to sing for their supper but it sure was appreciated.

I would say a good time was had by all. Thank you Christine, you are the BEST!!!!!


Foodie Road Trip Part Five

Fifth installment of Foodie Road Trip. See Foodie Road Trip part four

Looks like we are stuck on Perea’s for breakfast. What the heck, if it works don’t fix it.
I had one egg with hash browns and refried beans with green chile. Stan had his with red. It has been so many years since I’ve been asked “red or green” that every time I hear it, it brings a smile to my face.



We hung around and rested most of the day, while Christine and Edrena went to Santa Fe and the farmer’s market there. They also hit up The Spanish Table which I’ll do in a few days. 

Stan saw a BBQ place he wanted to try. He did good. It appears to be an institution here.


We really enjoyed our meal here. Stan had the mini plate of bbq beef, beans, pot salad, and pancake cornbread. The bbq beef was tender, nice mild smoky flavor, not overly done. The bbq sauce was a little on the sweet side and not spicy. The beans were the regular good beans you’d expect to get in a bbq place. The potato salad was on the sweet side from the sweet pickles used in it.  Besides the beef which was the star of the plate the pancake corn bread was outstanding. It was so very tasty, not sweet. We were talking about how much easier it is to eat than other styles of corn bread that fall apart the minute you pick it up.



I had the catfish strips with toast and spicy fries. The catfish was in a cornmeal coating and deep fried. It was light and flakey. It was not greasy at all If I didn’t know better I would think it was baked. The fish was nice and mild, not muddy like some catfish can be. The spicy fries were nicely spicy with enough of a kick to be interesting.



We went to Christine’s to watch the sunset and prep some dishes for Sunday’s cookin’ I made a Goat Cheese Torte. I got the recipe years ago off the cooking newsgroup. I tweaked it a little for my taste and convenience of ingredients. When I first started making it, where I lived, fresh basil was not always available or cost prohibitive when it was. I started making it using parsley for the basil, I now make it using flat leaf parsley or a combination of flp and basil.

@@@@@ Now You're Cooking! Export Format

Goat Cheese Torte
8 oz goat cheese; room temp
4-5 oz's cream cheese; room temp
8 cloves at least garlic, peeled, smashed; chopped
I usually put in lots more
1/2 cup pesto (at least); *see note
1/2 cup Sun dried tomatoes; chopped fine add
one tablespoon of marinade
black pepper freshly ground, salt
decorate serving plate; with fresh herbs
sliced baguettes 

Mix goat cheese and cream cheese, add the garlic. Taste. Add salt and
black pepper if you want. Line a small glass bowl (about 2 - 3 cups)
with plastic wrap. Put about 1/3 of the goat cheese mix into the bowl.
Top this with the pesto. Put another 1/3 of the goat cheese mix on top of
this. Put the sundried tomatoes on this. Top with the rest of the cheese.
Put plastic wrap over the top of this. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours, and up to four days.
To serve, invert bowl on a serving dish.
Decorate with fresh herbs. Serve with baguettes or unflavored crackers
serves up to 20 - 25 with other appetizers.
*note, I make pesto using flat leaf parsley or a combination of parsley and basil. I find the parsley adds a nice little bite to the pesto.
Contributor: Hattie on rfc
Exported from Now You're Cooking! v5.82 ** 

Christine was busy making the chicken faux gras, and Patricia Hill came by to lend a helping hand.

Busy cooks.


I got back to the hotel about 11:00 p.m. Christine was up until 3:00 a.m.

There’s going to be some good food at the cookin’

Foodie Road Trip Part four

This is the fourth installment. See Foodie Road Trip Part Three

Friday was a busy wonderful day. We started with the best breakfast.
Now we’re talking some good New Mexico food. On the recommendation of Christine (our hostess for the cookin’) we had breakfast at Perea’s.   



Now this is way more like it. We each had an egg, carne adovado, refried beans with flour tortillas. The carne adovado was nice and spicy, tastefully so, not overly done. I detected oregano and cumin, very light on the cumin.


There were nice chunks of tender pork.  The refried beans had a little smokiness to them, nice for a change but I wouldn’t want them for my everyday beans. I had to re-learn the fine art of eating with a tortilla. It didn’t take me long.


One of the cookin’ attendees Edrena, came up from El Paso today, and chauffeured Christine and I around town. Among other places, we stopped at a roadside chile stand. As we were driving down the road we saw a chile stand with ristas and roasters. That’s what I call a New Mexico stop sign. Christine bought some okra and peaches.


Edrena bought a peach that was too irresistible.


The roasters have been up and running


Then we went to Fremont’s Fine Foods. A fabulous upscale food store.


I didn't check out what kind of food they served, but they have a little luncheon cafe.


The architecture of the building, with the vaulted ceiling lends a bright cheery feeling to the store. I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with Aimee one of the owners. She's a delightful young woman.


I bought 3 different flavors of salt and a grey salt, some Indonesian spices that I don’t have a clue as to what to do with them but I’ll learn. I think I have a some research to do.


Christine bought a cookbook, duh!!! to add to her already burgeoning collection. I don't know what Edrena bought but she had some money out.


Fremont's Fine Foods @ The Courtyard
1100 San Mateo Blve. NE
Albuquerque, N.M 87110
505-792-DINE (3463)

After all our shopping and running around we stopped  at Quê Hu'o'ng Vietnamese restaurant for lunch.
I had a B
ánh Mì Bì which is a shredded pork sandwich. 


They scooped out some of the bread to make room for more filling , that's nice.  My plan was to eat half a sandwich so I'd have some room for dinner, wrong. It was so good I ate the whole thing.  This was my first Vietnamese sandwich but far from my last.  Wow!! what have I been missing.


Christine had a Bánh Mì Nguôl which is a bbq pork, I think I got the Vietnamese name right. Our sandwiches were served with jalapeño, cilantro, cucumber & pickled radish. 


Edrena had a rice crepe. Bánh Xèo The menu states, “A very special crispy rice crepe with shrimp, pork, bean sprouts. Pan fried and served with fresh vegetables and spicy sauce.” This was so good. Another first experience for me.


Goodies inside the crepe.


Christine and I had iced teas. Edrena was adventurous and ordered a Sweet 3-bean drink Chè 3 Màu
It was layered with shaved ice over the bean concoction


yahoo!!!! or should I yell Google!!! I found the recipe for this

Three Bean Drink

Coconut milk
Sugar water (dissolve 1 part sugar to 2 parts boiling water)
Red beans
Yellow mung beans*
Dried jello bits (comes in a bag, usually in pink/red color and clear)*

* Can be found in Asian grocery stores

Soak the red beans and mung beans separately over night. Then simmer each individually for 1/2 hour on low heat until very tender and soft.

Prepare jello bits according to package.

Layer the red beans, mung beans, and jello. Now pour about 3-4 tbls. of coconut milk (straight out of the can!) over the mixture. Then add some sugar water on top and let it seep down. Just stir and eat!

Quê Hu'o'ng Vietnamese Restaurant
7010 Central Ave S.E.
Albuquerque, N.M.
Corner of Central and Louisiana

We took a little afternoon break, about 3 hours, so we could hit it again in the evening.

Christine has been hearing some good things about Mary and Tito's so we went to check it out.


By now I still haven't had my stacked enchiladas, so that was my plan. I had the 2 stack made with blue corn tortillas, topped with an over easy egg in red chile sauce, with rice and beans. The standard question here is "with red, or green." Edrena had the same. The sauce was spot on, and they put onions in the layers of the enchilada, my favorite way. The beans were nice and tasty and not mashed to death, there were some distinguishable beans.
I guess it's just me but the Mexican or Spanish style rice, what ever you want to call it, just isn't tasting very good. They all taste packaged to me.


Christine had the chile rellenos. Geeezzz..No Cheeze Whiz here. They were delicious and the green sauce is soooo good.


This was all served with hot, thin flour tortillas. Wait!!! I think I see Elvis's face in the tortilla. e-bay here I come.


After such a lovely dinner we went out for an after dinner drink and dessert. Christine took us to the perfect place. St Claire's Winery and Bistro. It was so cool. It's one of the "In" places, very upscale and featured entertainment.
The minute this girl opened her mouth and belted out a song I was hoping that she had a CD. She did and I got one. It is Fabulous. Joanie Griffin and Combo Special, It is what it is, is the title song. They have a unique sound, kinda bluesy.


We were lucky enough to get a table outside on the covered patio. The evening was just perfect and balmy.
We had desserts. Edrena and Christine shared a cannoli. (I tried to not use the flash too much. For the place and the crowd it would have been too annoying.)


I had Bailey's Chocolate Delight. The ganache was made with Bailey's Irish Creme. I had this with a glass of the D.H. Lescombes port. My first sip of this port was a thing of joy. I can't tell you how wonderful it felt in my mouth. Here is their description. "Our Port features the heady aroma of flowers, minerals, and blueberries. Rich and full bodied, and delightfully sweet. Smooth velvety tannins and a nice long finish. Limited Production." I'm far from being any kind of a wine aficionado, but the elements I remember tasting and feeling are the flowery, mineral-y aspects of the port. I noticed the full body and the long finish. If long finish is a fancy way of saying the taste hangs around in you mouth for a while.
It was the perfect accompaniment to the very rich decadent cake. 


Edrena had a raspberry champagne and Christine had a Kier Royal. I liked both champagnes but prefer the Kier Royal.Cristine says she has the ingredients for this for the cookin'.

Here's to you Margaret Suran. You were in our thoughts.

I bought a couple of goodies from their wine store and of course a bottle of the port.

It was a full long day. Christine and Edrena headed up to Santa Fe this morning. I passed. Stan and I will be going up there for a couple of days before we head home, and I wanted to get this post finished, and I still need to get today's post started.

We are getting together tonight at Christine's for cocktails and to sit and watch the New Mexico sunset. We also have a couple of dishes that need to get started tonight for tomorrow.

I'm having so much fun being a cub reporter.