Foodie Road Trip, The Finale.
Roasted Chiles

Odds and Ends from the Foodie Road Trip

Just a few odds and ends from the trip I wanted to share.
As we were walking from the plaza in Santa Fe to our car I noticed through a street level window, kitchen equipment and jars of olives, rice, pasta etc... I stopped and got a good look and low and behold (no pun intended;-) there was a working kitchen down there. I don't know why this intrigued me but it did.
As I was on my hands and knees taking pictures, a lady passing by asked if I zoomed in good enough to get the recipe. Dang, I wish there would have been one out to try. See the cook behind the pepper mill and the stove off to the right.


The port I had at St Claire's winery with my dessert was so delicious I had to get a bottle of it. One of my most expensive purchases. It's a D.H. Lescombes port. I will savor this for sure.


I bought myself two souvenirs. A hot air balloon gift basket from St Claire's winery. (I collect hot air balloons) It has a bottle of their Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfadel a fifty fifty blend. Also a corkscrew, some crackers, blech!!, a beef salami roll, cheese log and some Chardonnay wine jelly. The top of the balloon hinges open. I'm going to take it to work and use it for candies and goodies.


I also bought a New Mexico coffee mug from Starbucks. I had to get it when I saw the red or green? on it, how New Mexico.


While we were in Hatch I bought some fresh chiles. One bag hot, one bag mild. Each bag cost three dollars. When I got home I weighed them, after leaving some with my daughter, and I still had 7 pounds of chiles.


Along with fresh chiles I bought a red chile decoration. It's real chiles that have been sprayed to preserve them. I lost this in AZ, to my daughter, so it's not so bad. I knew in the back of my mind when I bought it she'd end up with it.


If memory serves me right this is called the Palace of the Governors on the Santa Fe Plaza. This is where the Indians set out their blankets with their jewelry.


I also scored from Christine the cookin' hostess with the mostest, some smoked red chiles, oh my gosh, what a beautiful heady aroma comes from them. Also I bought some dried crushed jalapenos in Hatch.


I bought a few different salts at Fremont's in Albuquerque. I opened the bag of Grey salt to put in my salt pig, low and behold, it really is grey. It is really, really good. It's moist and coarse without a chemically aftertaste.I think this will become my everyday salt.


When it cools off I'm going to fire up the grill and roast the chiles. mmmm a freezer full of New Mexico chiles.