Foodie Road Trip Part Seven
Foodie Road Trip, The Finale.

Foodie Road Trip Part Eight

Eighth installment on Foodie Road Trip see Foodie Road Trip Part Seven

We went to downtown Santa Fe this morning. I’m telling you, early in the day on a weekday is the only time to go to the plaza.  We found easy parking and a shady park bench on the plaza for Stan to sit and read while I walked around.


I went to a little French pastry shop in the La Fonda Hotel called, surprisingly enough, The French Pastry Shop.


I had a double fruit crepe with the heavenliest, lightest, fluffiest, freshly whipped cream. The crepe was light and thin but had a nice body to it. I also had a Cappuccino.   


It was filled with strawberries and raspberries. The fruit didn’t taste like there was anything added to them, their own natural fruit flavor and juiciness was allowed to shine through. I took Stan a raisin cinnamon roll. All this is made fresh on premises.


I didn't have enough cash on me to pay my check and they only accept cash or checks. I thought holy moly, I'm going to have to do some dishes. I told him my husband was sitting in the plaza and I could run and get some money from him. He did not ask me to leave my drivers license or something to insure my return. He told me go ahead, and to take my time. I left Stan's cinnamon roll on the counter, I wasn't going to take that until I came back with the money. He hands me the roll and says, don't forget this. Wow!! So I took it and ran.....Yes, I went back with the money.

After the Plaza excursion we went to The Spanish Table. What a great store, I could have spent the rest of the day in there. Thank you Christine for telling me about it. I bought a paella pan, a small mortar and pestle for smashing up small seeds and peppercorns, and some rice.
This section is only a portion of the paella pans they have. 


They even carry squid ink. I wanted some but it needs to be kept refrigerated.


This shelf from top to bottom, end to end is olive oils and vinegars.


The people at The Spanish Table recommended we try La Boca.


The tables and chairs and wood trim is dark wood. They use cloth tablecloths and napkins. Nice.


This was such a great lunch. Stan had the Mediterranean green salad of dried mission figs, feta cheese, olives with a honey vinaigrette.


I had the Tomato Feta salad with olives and cucumber on baby greens with lemon oregano dressing.


We shared the paella la boca. This was the best of the best. The rice was perfect, each piece of rice was separate, no globs of rice here, and not cooked to mush. The paella was filled with sausage, chicken, mussels and oysters. It also had onion, garlic, peas and tomatoes and of course lots of saffron.


It was pretty spicy but I loved it. It is without a doubt one of the best, if not the single best thing I’ve eaten, not only on this trip, but in quite a while. It broke my heart to leave the uneaten portion behind, I almost cried.


Stan had his heart set on going to Bobcat Bite so he didn’t eat as much at lunch as I did. Gheesh, I know a burger is not a burger, but to pass up stuffing yourself with paella for a burger?  I’ll never figure that one out. He’s been such a good sport on this whole trip and this is one of the few things he has suggested, so we went to Bobcat Bite for dinner tonight. We arrived at just the right time. We got the last two of the 25 or so seats in the place. This is a very old building, It's been here forever.
I love the vigas so typical of New Mexico.


We got a seat at the counter and did some birdwatching while we waited for our burgers.


I had a green chili cheeseburger, medium well. I had to really smoosh this down.


Mine was delicious and I have to admit I ate half of it.


Stan had his still on the hoof. It looked almost like steak tartar. See, half of it already walked off the plate.



When we left there were quite a few people waiting outside and more pulling up. 

Tomorrow we are back on the road heading home via Lake Havasu AZ to see the kids and grandkids.