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Watermelon in rose-lime syrup

I was just cruising around some food blogs <read putting off chores> when I ran across a couple of recipes for watermelon in rose-lime syrup.I found one at Travelers Lunch box who found it at Richa's blog As Dear As Salt .Travelers lunch box tweaked it for her taste, she didn't use the black salt. So I got busy and made some. Here's what I did.

The ingredients.


I decided I wanted to use the black salt the recipe called for. All I had was Hawaiian black salt, I don't know how different it is from the kala namak but it worked for me.

The black salt is coarse so I ground some up in a mortar so it would dissolve in the syrup better.


It turned into a gray ashy looking powder. When it was all ground up it made me think of fireplace ashes.


Make a basic simple syrup *
2 cups of sugar to
1 cup of water
then add
lime juice to taste
splash of rose water

 kala namak (black salt)
1 watermelon

* put the 2 cups of sugar and water in a saucepan and heat up over med heat until the sugar is completely dissolved stirring occasionally.

Basically here's what you do.
Dice up the watermelon into cubes in a bowl and add the rose-lime syrup about 6 tablespoons for one small seedless melon or to your taste, I added considerably more.
Add lots of ice, about a cup to a pound of melon and chill for several hours for the flavors to mingle, stirring occasionally.

Iced watermelon


Dished up and delicious. I drizzle the syrup on other fruits also.