Lunch at Pat and Oscar's
Mamma Rosa's Italian Restaurant, El Cajon

Steak Fry at the V.F.W.

We try and make it to the local V.F.W.'s monthly fund raising steak fry. Thankfully it was on the same day we had the abysmal lunch at Pat & Oscar's so at least the day ended on a positive note.

For $16.00 you get salad bar, sirloin steak, baked potato, Ranch Style Beans (the canned one that I love ;-) a dinner roll and a nice piece of fruit on the plate. Yesterday it was watermelon.

On the salad bar there is usually a vegetable tray along with the crock pot full of beans.


Dinner is served. The potatoes are huge. Butter, sour cream and chives are available


We ordered med-rare. Not too bad for non professionals. No we don't use steak sauce, it just happened to be on the table.


The steak was tender and very well seasoned. I'm sure the cook has his own secret blend.
Y'all did good again.

We ordered two dinners. One to eat there and one to take home for leftovers, with breakfast in mind. To read about our leftovers breakfast read on.


I took the leftover baked potato and cooked that up with a little green onion. When the potatoes were done I thinly sliced the leftover steak and put the slices on top of the potatoes, turned the burner off and put the lid on. This way the steak is warmed through without overcooking it and keeping it tender.

I diced up a bit green onion and saut├ęd it in some butter. I left them in the pan so when I added the eggs they would be distributed throughout the omelet. In go the heated up steak strips and some chorizo.


Served with the potatoes and a generous sprinkling of Queso Cotijo.


I had mine with some of the leftover Ranch Style Beans mmmmm oh, and some sriracha hot chili sauce