Mamma Rosa's Italian Restaurant, El Cajon
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Panda Machi Alpine

We had dinner tonight at Panda Machi in Alpine. It is a popular Alpine eatery. It features both Chinese and Japanese cuisine. We have always had good meals here. This is the restaurant where I first tried Maguro, my favorite sushi, so far.



Tonight I started my meal with a side order of Maguro and Unagi. Very good, very fresh. As a sushi "newbie" my first taste of eel was at Sushi Time earlier this month. I'm sooo happy I am venturing out with my sushi experiences.


My starters were Japanese so I thought it only appropriate to have Chinese as a main course. I had the Szechuan Pork. It had pork, bamboo shoot, carrot, and celery combined in a spicy sauce of red pepper and onion. This is one of my favorites. It was pretty spicy, just how I like it. Nice crisp vegetables and a good blending of spices.


Stan had his usual Orange Peel Chicken. The menu says it is served in their special spicy sauce. Sometimes it's spicy, sometimes it's not. This the only inconsistency we have seen in some of their dishes.


It's a nice little cafe that we know will be good and have great service.



See you there.