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Olde City Grill Pacific Beach

We got to talking about how long it’s been since we’ve had a Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwich. Not knowing where to go I hit up the nice people at chowhound.com for some advice. I got lots of good information.

I decided my first trip would be to the Olde City Grill, mainly because of their use of American Kobe beef, and they have the famous Ameroso rolls flown in from Philadelphia.


Although they have a variety of delicious looking items on the menu, my focus this trip was on the Philly cheesesteak. We had a salad also, come on, we needed something to make us feel better about stuffing a thousand calories worth of saturated fat into our systems. Doesn’t the salad counter-balance this somehow?

The salad was mixed greens with cherry tomatoes, carrot, cucumber, mushrooms, green bell pepper, avocado, hard boiled egg, thinly sliced red onion with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Nice and fresh and a good, good, dressing.


My cheesesteak sandwich had, American Kobe beef, cheez “wiz” grilled onion, grilled mushrooms and jalapeño peppers, hot jalapeño peppers. 

The first thing I did was pinch off the end of the Ameroso roll to taste just the roll. It felt good, had nice body, and it was a beautiful golden color. The bottom was a little crunchy and it looked like it had been baked on a stone with fine cornmeal. The flavor is not any thing that would take a way from the ingredients of the sandwich, nor is it anything you would want to eat a ham and cheese on because it is dry, dry, dry. I’m sure it’s made that way for a cheesesteak sandwich, any other bread would not hold up under the cheesesteak ingredients. This bread is definitely for a wet sandwich.




The American Kobe beef is fabulous. For the past couple of years I’ve been trying different kinds of beef so I’ve become aware of beef flavors and textures. I always thought beef was beef. I never realized how wrong I was, so I was very anxious to try the American Kobe beef.
One of the first words that comes to mind is clean, it’s not murky tasting. Second, mildly beefy. It’s very tender but it still has a nice chew to it. 


Mouth cam


Stan had the triple bypass cheesesteak. It has American Kobe beef, pepperoni, Italian sausage, meatballs, American cheese, cheez “wiz” grilled onions and sauté mushrooms. The menu says “Go ahead call your Dr you can use our phone.”
I hope Stan’s stroke Dr. isn’t reading this, if you are, you should be reading the Medical Journal or something, not this.


Stan said not one thing over powered the other. It was a good blending of the ingredients and yet you get a taste of each item.


It's a long narrow building. There is free customer parking in back of the restaurant. We didn't know that and parked a couple of blocks away. At the beach, you get what you can get.


We walked around a little after lunch enjoying the beautiful day near the beach. It was nice to breathe the salt air and we worked off a little of our lunch dodging the bicyclists and skateboarders on the sidewalks. We walked past the nice little trendy beach boutiques that feature clothing for the size two women, who probably have never had a decent Philly cheesesteak in their lives. Pfffttt. Give me my Philly cheesesteak any day.

For a more complete review of the restaurant and their offerings, Captain Jack has a review on his blog. It’s from him and a couple of others at www.Chowhound.com that I learned about Olde City Grill in the first place. I highly recommend you pop over to Captain Jack’s San Diego Restaruant Review and see what he has to say. He ate a lot more than we did.

Olde City Grill
967 Garnet Ave
San Diego CA

Mon-Wed 11a.m. to midnight
Thurs-Sat 11a.m to 3a.m
Sunday 11a.m. to midnight

They do take out.