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Steak Fry at the V.F.W.

Lunch at Pat and Oscar's

We’ve had lunch at Pat and Oscar’s many times and it’s been consistently good. It’s good for a quick meal on a busy day. We go to the one in Parkway Plaza in El Cajon.

It has been a while since we’ve been there so I don’t know if it’s progressively been going down hill or if it was just today, or what, but it was bad!

One meal we like to order is the bbq ribs and lemon chicken meal for two with a Greek salad. Well, they are running a special, <yahoo> we could have the ribs and chicken meal, and a one topping pizza, we ordered a cheese, for two dollars less than the meal usually costs.  What a deal, we could eat a little and take a lot home for snacks.

Their salads have been my favorite things they serve. The greens have always been crisp and fresh with a nice amount of added “goodies” and I like their salad dressing. For the most part the salad was fine. This was the first time I ran across some lettuce that looked like it was starting to wilt and was thrown in with some fresher greens. The bread sticks were fantastic as always.


The ribs were overcooked, dry, and appeared to be soaked in a sickeningly sweet bbq sauce then served with more sauce on top. The chicken was adequate, nothing to write about.



I have been curious about their pizzas, you know what curiosity got the cat.
The crust was nice and tasty, toward the outer edge of the crust there was even a little bit of a crunch. That’s it, that was the best part of the pizza. The bottom of the crust was a nice golden brown. I noticed uniform divots on the bottom of the crust so I’m thinking the crusts are mechanically prepared. The crust was too soft and lacked body, it couldn't even hold the cheese, it had to be eaten with a fork and knife. Even trying a “foldie” it went limp. It was mooshy on top, yes, mooshy is a food term ;-) The mouth feel was all wrong and the sauce lacked any spices.



Needless to say we didn't want doggie bags. I had a chicken leg and thigh, one rib, lots of salad and a half a piece of pizza. Stan had more ribs, no chicken and two pieces of pizza and lots of salad. There was half of the pizza plus one piece left so I offered it to the 4 teenagers that sat at the table next to us, assuring them we only touched what we ate. I know teenage boys, they happily accepted our offer.

I think it will be a while before we go back.