Lunch at La Casa Maria
Quick tasty lunch

Mid week break

Last Sunday Stan said he was getting hungry for rigatoni with meat sauce. We had been lounging around all day and after a little discussion we decided we were too lazy to make the 54 mile round trip for dinner out, so we decided we would take a mid week break and go to Donato's in Alpine Wednesday night.

My favorite salad at Donato's is their gorgonzola salad. It's made with walnuts, gorgonzola cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. There is usually more gorgonzola on the salad than there was Wed.night but it was still delicious just the same.  I make a terrific balsamic dressing myself. Their's is close.
The garlic bread was better than usual.


Stan had his rigatoni with meat sauce. It was very good and was not swimming in sauce. The pasta sauce was a good blending of all the ingredients, not acidic nor tomato-e. Very, very, good.


I had the linguine in white clam sauce. It's not something I normally make at home so I order it when we are out. The sauce was great, the perfect backdrop for the clams, the stars of the show.


Nice pieces of clams in a delicate sauce.


The Monsoon time of the year brings excitingly fierce storms and beautiful skies. The scenery on our drive back home.



Full tummy, drink in hand. All is well.