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Kalua pig

Saturday night was a surprise birthday party for a co-worker. I was asked to help with the menu for a Luau themed party.

I asked kili one of the participants on and for some help since she had lived in Hawaii. She was very helpful and suggested some typical Luau type food such as Kalua pig, rice, Hupia pudding, and macaroni salad.

My contribution was the Kalua pig and rice, and others made the Hupai pudding and salad. I searched food blogs and google and came up with a basic recipe
The recipe I followed is
3-5 lb pork butt well marbled
1 1/2 Tablespoon liquid smoke
2 1/2 teaspoons Hawaiian salt.
I made mine in a roasting pan but the food blog has their recipe and an oven method of cooking the pig. I tracked them down through

I made 10 lbs of pork and used not quite 1/2 head of green cabbage and made Jasmine rice cooked in chicken broth. Kalua pig ingredients


Kalua pig in the roaster ready to go. I added a couple of cups of chicken broth and started cooking at 350* when it was cooked I held it at 250*


Before the cabbage was added I drained off a lot of the liquid. Dang.... talk about fat. I skimmed off the fat and reserved the broth. There was still plenty of fat left in the pan for flavor.


Sliced up half a head of cabbage


The liquid was added back as needed when the cabbage was added. Here's the finished product.


It turned out delicious and was a big hit. kili said it looked like it was supposed to and that I did a good job. I will definitely  do this again.