Breakfast at Bonny's
St. Robert's birthday at All Italiana Restaurant

Hit up Thornton's again

Saturday evening we stopped by Thornton's on our way home.

Earlier in the month we received a post card from Thornton's advertising their June special. In honor of Father's Day, anytime during the month of June, bring in the post card and you can order the Whiskey Steak for ten dollars.
Stan got the Whiskey Steak special (the steak photo is in the Father's Day post.) I ordered the 1/2 rack of lamb. Now, I'm not a lamb aficionado, it's a taste I've only recently acquired, but let me say I can now cook up a mean lamb shank and some killer lamb chops.

When I ordered the lamb at Thonton's I was expecting a typical crust of garlic and rosemary, there was neither. I got pure unadulterated melt in your mouth mild, tasty, delicious lamb. I don't know what they do, if anything to their lamb. As far as I could tell there was nothing other than maybe a little salt and pepper, and precious little of that and a sprinkling of fresh parsley. 
They do offer cooking classes so someday I will learn their secret. :-)

Rather than my usual colcannon,  I had the bubble and squeak along with their fresh vegetables that are not cooked to death. Oh yes, and the great thick and creamy potato soup, topped with real bacon and Irish Cheddar Cheese.


I was asked how I wanted my lamb cooked, I was a little surprised by that.
I have been under the impression that a rack of lamb was cooked to medium rare. When I questioned the waitress she said some people like their lamb well done so they always ask. I ordered medium rare, and I had a glass of Shiraz with my meal.


Now this is what I call a "Happy Meal"