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Girls foodie weekend

Last weekend was girls weekend. Son in law was out of town so my step daughter Vicky and I decided to take advantage and have some girl time. I went to town Fri. night and got home this morning.

We had two must do-s, take the Coaster to Solana Beach and go out for sushi. Luckily I checked the
Solana Beachweb site and discovered that the Farmers Market was is only on Sunday afternoons. Vicky has business out of town Monday and would be flying out Sunday morning so that idea was out.

Friday night we had dinner at Lido’s Italian Restaurant  to make some alternative plans.
I had the Eggplant Parmesan, it was delicious and came with either minestrone soup or salad, a side of pasta of your choice and garlic bread. I had the shells in marinara sauce, and I was served one little scrawny piece of garlic buttered bread, un-toasted from what I could tell and a tad on the mooshey side. I made the mistake of ordering the soup, which was lacking the amount of veggies they normally serve, but the broth was really good. Vicky ordered a pineapple, pepperoni pizza, no comment here. 

We decided to take the trolley downtown to the Gaslamp District. Vicky hasn’t been on the trolley for years and has never been to the Gaslamp District.
Once we got there we wandered trough the historic U.S. Grant Hotel it is now owned by the
Sycuan Indian tribe .They have done wonders with the hotel and have kept its history safe, they also have the best Eggs Benedict I’ve ever had.

Once in the Gaslamp District we wandered around and shopped a while before stopping into

Dublin Square


for a half and half and a snack. We ordered Holohan Brothers Beef Crostini which is according to themenu, “select pieces of beef tips, braised in Guinness served on toasted baguettes and topped with cashel blue cheese sauce.”


We sat at the counter outside facing the street and had some interesting conversations with the passers-by.
Next door to the Pub is a little art gallery. The artist was kind enough to let me take some photos of his studio


I assured him I wouldn’t take any close ups and showed him the photos I did take before leaving. He tried to move his palate out of the way, I told him that was the charm of the studio, an actual artist owned working studio. He is a very gracious older gentleman.


We shopped some more and stopped for a little refreshing gelato. A nice clean shop with a good selection of flavors.


I had the mocha nut crunch


Vicky made sure he was making it right.

On our way home we got off the trolley at Fashion Valley and shopped a little more then went into Nordstrom Café


for a little pear almond dessert and coffee



Got back on the trolley and back to our car about 7:45 p.m. Wow, what a day.

Right from the trolley stop we went to Sushi Time in Lemon Grove. Vicky just discovered it a few weeks ago but they've been in business a few years. We enjoyed ourselves so much. Our lack of sushi knowledge shows but the staff is friendly and more than accommodating. 

We sat at the sushi bar and struck up a conversation with the couple sitting next to us. They recommended a good Vietnamese restaurant for us to try, they are Vietnamese so I'm sure they know of what they speak. I of course had to brag a little that I know how to make Pho and Summer rolls. They were duly impressed.;-)

They ordered a lot of good looking food and even passed their sashimi and dessert plates for me to photograph. How nice is that!!



From my observation the guys (chefs?) wearing black were like sous chefs, they only made the rolls and the chef wearing white was the big sashimi guy. Only the fancy plates came from him. Any sushi rolls that went on them he got from the others in black. Our sushi guy was very nice and friendly.


I have since learned they are called Itamae pronounced EE-ta-mai-eh. Also, you will get the best fish at the best price if you tell them omakase pronounced oh-ma-KAH-say which means make me what you think I'd like.

It all starts with a plate of Edamame beans, pickled ginger and wasabi.


Then we had California rolls


We also had some maguro


Crab filled salmon roll.


Finished roll and a close up


Here is another wonderful plate put out by the head Itamae


The fish case


I'd say the girls did good.